Remember that episode of The Office when Jim and Pam are getting married? Duh. Who doesn't? Pam tells Jim her aunt's advice was to take mental snapshots of the whole day. That's it. I live for the moment you wish you could take mental snapshots of. 

I'm Cait. I have inadvertently created a circus by having 4 kids under four, 2 dogs and moving eleventy billion times. I am thoroughly convinced that word-vomit is an actual disease I contracted at the age of 2, nature is my muse and I will NEVER turn down a margarita or hot pink lipstick. Backstreet Boys > N'Sync and I will always get down to new Indie music but, let's not be fooled, I have a serious weakness for pop. What can I say I am a child of the 90's. My prom dress was hot pink and I have no regrets. 

Life is vibrant and beautiful, its real and raw and hard. I just want to know I made this place more beautiful and did everything with great love. 

Real. Messy.

 capturing the real and the rad. Let your hair down.

Authentic + intimate images that are full of emotion. I'm like your personal paparazzi, but with jokes and less annoying. Every moment adds up to this wild ride we get to call our own life. Whatever that adventure looks like for you, let's make beautiful art full of real life and rad love. Perfect is boring. 


"My wife and I contacted Cait to do our birth photos because we knew through her past work that she doesn't merely capture images; she captures emotions and helps tell the whole story. Cait is a goddess with a camera: she is both instinctive and intimate; focused on the big picture and the tiny details."

"We have been taking pics with Cait for about 10 years now! We consistently go with her because in the chaos of life we know she will make us feel like superstars, never having to worry about what pose we’re going to do or feeling awkward about being behind the camera. She’s great about getting us in our element and making the whole experience super chill and relatable. Once we had kids she knew how to make our babes stop crying and even experience peace during the shoots. Pure genius! I’ve been incredibly impressed and even learned about how to FaceTime with Elmo (haha!). Outside of the experience her photos are top notch! Seriously! I love how she captures more candid shots along with anything else we’re looking for. We’ve never been disappointed and believe she’s one of the bests, which is why we’ve continue to have her capture our family moments through out the years."


Let's hang out.


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Authentic+Intimate storyteller

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