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Just ask Kendrick Lamar: "Bitch don't kill my vibe". But honestly, getting your photo taken can already feel a little nerve-wracking or awkward at first. Adding a third party observer makes it harder for you to connect with each other, and definitely throws me off connecting with you as well. Let's keep it intimate, I promise I am a really good hang, and your kids aren't going to be too much for me. Remember I have four of my own, I am basically a circus ring master. We got this!

can my cousin/sister/mom/aunt/target cashier come watch?

I don't put a cap on the amount of images I give you, because every beautiful picture deserves to be in your gallery for you to see and feel. Typically for a session, no less than 60 images, and for a wedding between 50-60 images/hour.

How many images do we recieve?

As a native midwesterner, no one understands shitty weather surprises more than me. But guess what? My equipment is weather sealed, and it can capture in almost any light, so I am game rain or shine! That being said, not everyone wants to brave the elements, so if you session happens to fall on a cold or rainy day, here are some indoor locations I have used before that I encourage you to call and check their availability and rates for using their facilities:

What do we do if the weather is acting crazy?

Always no. For a lot of reasons, but primarily, my goal is to give you the absolute very best of myself, and that includes documenting your story in the most beautiful way. Part of that is my editing process to tell your story. 

do you deliver raws

You bet your ass I do! Bring me all your love, no matter who, no matter how. (Don't bring me your judgmental, exclusive attitude, mama ain't got time for that)

do you take lgbtq+ couples/families?

Wardrobe can feel intimidating, but remember I am here FOR YOU. I send all my people a client guide built specifically for the type of session you are booking and wardrobe tips are included. But if Tan isn't hiding in your house to help you, here are some quicks tips. Avoid bright/neon colored anything, even if it's just a small logo. Actually just avoid logos, in general. Also, leave your beat up sneakers at home trust me when I say you don't want to memorialize those. Ladies, we will probably be walking, like a lot, some might call it hiking, so, unless you are a Kardashian, opt for shoes that don't involve heels or difficulty getting around. Layers and clothes with movement always photograph best!

what do i wear, tan Fance isn't here to help me!

Make sure you've checked out my info page and portfolio and love what you see! Send me an inquiry and give me all the deets about you. I'll reach out within 48 hours so we can chat all about your vision and get to know each other. Your story and your experience is the number one bae in my life, so once we know exactly what we need to capture your memories, I will send you a brochure and give you advice on what might serve your needs best. 

Once the contract is signed, 50% is due upon booking and the final payment is due one month prior to your session or wedding. 

How do we book you?