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Ask anyone, I don't do anything less than 110%. You want a karaoke partner? I'm in. Need someone to listen to your dilemma over wedding colors? Call me. Want someone to sit with you when things are hard, heartbreaking, or you are at a loss for words? I am your gal. I just also have a camera and a damn good eye for beauty. 

I adore my clients, which means, I will adore you. I am your wardrobe consultant, your hair tamer, your friend who remembered gloves, or socks, a tide stick, or extra hot-hands for your pockets on a cold shoot day. I make silly faces for your kids, I want to know how your life is going, and I am genuinely invested in your family, your people, your story. From start to finish, I give you my heart (and past finish if we are being honest, you become my people). A piece of me goes with you, and I hope you feel fully loved, seen, and celebrated every time we meet. 

The in between is where the magic is. Knowing you, your people, your ups and downs, what fills you with love, that is the story. It isn't perfect, its messy, but MESSY is BEAUTIFUL. I have four kiddos, and I know, painstakingly, that time moves too quickly. Our mind can't hold onto all the perfect quirks, half smiles, crinkle eyed giggles, hard tears, the love you fought for and the memories that got you there. That is where I come in.

I pledge to tell the story you tell me. To tell it honestly and in the most beautiful way possible. I promise to create images you will cherish, that you look back on and say, "that is exactly who we are, who we were." Photos that are authentic, emotional, and as quirky, silly, and goofy as you are. Bring me your crazy family, bring me your kiddos who are unruly, or shy, bring me your nervousness, your happiness, your sadness or difficulties, I want to be a shoulder for it all. 

Here for a Good time,

not a long time

Hate stuffy, awkward photos? Me too, I am so glad we found each other. Ok but seriously: let's make it fun. At your wedding, you will find me on the dance floor, capturing your favorite people while also getting low to all the songs with you. At your engagement session, you will definitely feel like I am third-wheeling your date. We will hang out, maybe take shots, jam out to some music, and leave feeling like you just hung out with an old friend. I will definitely give you some direction, documentary photos with light posing to get all those good angles girl! We will make up fun family games for your kids, make silly faces, go on an adventure, all to capture the emotions of your loved ones in real time. 


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it all started with my camera.

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